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About Nicole

I am a technical writer and ecology student based in Baltimore, Maryland. For twelve years, I worked in the IT field as a desktop technician, network administrator, and systems analyst. To help pay the bills, I started writing SEO and marketing content as a freelancer. This is when I honed the ability to create attention-grabbing, highly informative content that answers your search question without filler or bullshit. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I pivoted to ghostwriting full-time, where I can leverage my technical background and creativity to write thought leadership pieces about cybersecurity, digital privacy, artificial intelligence, and more.

I still continue to freelance, and I enjoy having the opportunity to stretch my writing muscles to tackle new subject areas and content types. I'm particularly interested in ecology and conservation, and the ways we can make technology more sustainable or even use it to solve environmental challenges.

Interesting in hiring me for a piece? Email nicoleprennolds@gmail.com

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