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Nicole's Linkdump

Chasing Mice

Mar 10, 2024

My fiance, Alex, is a singer-songwriter-electric-guitar-player performing under the name Chasing Mice. His website, which I built for him, is also on neocities, so go give it a follow! chasingmice.neocities.org

First Linkdump: Enshittification and The Cult of AI

Feb 25, 2024

Occasionally I'll post links to things I'm reading or want to support here. For my first linkdump, I wanted to share a couple of articles that I've been thinking about a lot lately.

  • Tiktok's enshittification by Cory Doctorow: Wondering why every platform sucks way more than it used to? This piece discusses the enshittification of our technology.
  • The Cult of AI by Robert Evans: AI has yet to deliver on its many promises, but that doesn't stop its fanboys from continuing to evangelize its use. In this article, Robert Evans discusses his impressions of AI's cult-like following at an annual tech conference.

About Nicole

Nicole Rennolds is a technical writer and ecology student based in Baltimore, Maryland. Her work discusses cybersecurity, digital privacy, artificial intelligence, and technology's environmental impact. This page is just a collection of links to things she finds interesting.

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