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6 Best VPNs for Australia in 2024

Connecting to an Australian VPN server gives you access to all your favorite Aussie-based streaming shows and movies and enables fast, secure file sharing with other Australian users. An Australia VPN also offers faster connection speeds for users already in Australia who just want to browse privately. This guide compares the 6 best VPNs for Australia based on factors like speed, Aussie server pool size, additional security features and price to help you choose the right solution.

How to Set Up & Use a VPN on Android (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Android virtual private networks encrypt mobile internet traffic and mask device IP addresses, allowing users to browse privately, connect to work resources and access location-restricted content. This article offers step-by-step guides for configuring and using multiple types of Android VPNs before providing advice on choosing the right solution.

What Is a VPN Kill Switch and Why Do You Need One?

A VPN kill switch immediately disables all internet traffic as soon as the VPN connection drops, preventing users from unknowingly exposing their data or IP addresses. For businesses with remote, hybrid and traveling workforces, a VPN kill switch ensures consistent protection from company devices as users move from their home networks to public hotspots and hotel Wi-Fi.

Top 6 Passwordless Authentication Solutions for 2024

Passwordless authentication solutions are often components of larger identity and access management (IAM) platforms offering capabilities like password management, single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). They typically integrate with other applications to provide additional capabilities or to unify authentication across the entire environment.

6 Best Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solutions for 2024

MFA software solutions provide multi-factor authentication for individual end-users, organizational workforces and customer-facing applications. Some platforms also offer identity and access management (IAM) features like single sign-on or additional functionality like threat detection. This guide compares the top multi-factor authentication tools based on use case, features and price.

OneLogin vs. Okta (2024): Which IAM Solution Is Better?

OneLogin and Okta are two industry-leading identity and access management (IAM) platforms used to secure user access to corporate resources and manage information about user identity. Both products offer similar features and capabilities, but each has unique strengths and weaknesses to consider before purchasing.

Free VPN vs Paid VPN: Which One Is Right for You?

Is it good enough to have a free VPN? Are paid VPNs worth it? The answer, of course, depends on the VPN itself and what you plan to use it for. This article compares free VPNs vs. paid VPNs in general before describing some of the best options and features available in each category.

Speedify VPN Free vs. Premium: Which Plan Is Right For You?

Speedify is a VPN app that enables you to seamlessly change from one Internet connection to another without interruptions. This guide compares Speedify VPN free vs. paid plans, focusing on the features, advantages, and disadvantages for businesses.

Bitwarden Free vs. Premium: Which Plan Is Best For You?

Bitwarden is a password management solution that securely generates, stores, autofills and monitors credentials for websites and applications. Bitwarden Free provides a secure vault for credentials, credit cards, identification documents and text files. The Bitwarden Premium plan costs $10 per year and offers additional capabilities such as encrypted file attachment sharing, advanced vault health reporting and enhanced authentication. This guide compares Bitwarden Free vs. Premium and provides recommendations to help you choose the right product.

LastPass Free vs. Premium: Which Plan Is Best For You?

LastPass is a password manager that integrates with web browsers and other applications to securely save and autofill passwords. LastPass Free comes at no cost and provides features like unlimited password management and dark web monitoring. LastPass Premium costs $3 per month and provides additional features like unlimited device access and personal support. Read on to compare LastPass Free and Premium plan features.

4 Threat Hunting Techniques to Prevent Bad Actors in 2024

Threat hunting involves preemptively searching for threat indicators and potential vulnerabilities on the network that other tools missed. This guide discusses threat hunting techniques and solutions to mitigate 2024’s biggest cybersecurity risks.

4 Threat Hunting Techniques to Prevent Bad Actors in 2024

Cyber threat hunting involves proactively searching for threats on an organization’s network that are unknown to (or missed by) traditional cybersecurity solutions. A recent report from Armis found that cyber attack attempts increased by 104% in 2023, underscoring the need for pre-emptive threat detection to prevent breaches.


All Important Cyberpunk 2077 Choices That Matter Later

In a game as long and complex as Cyberpunk 2077, it can be frustrating to face unexpected consequences hours after making a small decision.

Every Assassin's Creed Setting So Far (Spin-offs Included)

The Assassin’s Creed franchise immerses players in incredibly detailed reenactments of historical cities, from Ancient Greece to Revolutionary Russia.

Every Historical Figure In Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey gives players the opportunity to meet the historical and mythological figures who shaped the Ancient Greek world.

All Unique Critical Role D&D Rules Explained

Every good Dungeon’s and Dragons DM creates homebrew rules to enhance their campaign, and Matt Mercer of Critical Role is no exception.

The Best Video Game Podcasts

The best video game podcasts allow gamers to stay informed about their favorite video games while they drive to work or wash the dishes.

Biggest Cyberpunk 2077 Plot Holes

Cyberpunk 2077 is a huge game with a complicated storyline and lots of interconnected quests, so it’s no surprise that there are a few plot holes.

About Nicole

Nicole Rennolds is a technical writer and ecology student based in Baltimore, Maryland. Her work discusses cybersecurity, digital privacy, artificial intelligence, and technology's environmental impact. This professional porfolio contains work created for third parties. Additional, de-branded, ghostwritten pieces are available upon request.

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